VW’s gone to Iceland

Dan Trent writes:
Volkswagen. Iceland. The connection? Blown if I can figure it out but it makes for a change from the usual Spain/Portugal/south of France launch locations. And perhaps conscious that the new Golf doesn’t actually look that different from the old one VW decided to compensate by throwing the mother of all launches. First striking thing was the sheer number of hacks attending – a Boeing 737 full! Then there was the fleet of Phaetons to take us from the airport to the, ahem, ‘Golf Pavilion’ launch HQ. Snigger not, for this was a giant prefab building built especially for the event on a bleak Icelandic mountainside, nestling among the hills on black volcanic ground surrounded by steaming, sulphurous peaks. Blimey.

And don’t get me started on the roads, or the scenery. Mind blowing to say the least. In fact, rather than witter on here is a random selection of images to give you a flavour of the event. Oh, and the car isn’t bad either…


New Golf first drive

The Golf launch HQ, specially built for the event – blimey!

Another view of the ‘Golf Pavilion’ and the bizarre lunar landscape setting.

Ever wondered what VW did with all those unsold Phaetons? Here’s your answer…

Explosive Icelandic landscape simply breathtaking, not just because of the sulphur!

Lost? You will be if you try and read the world’s most confusing road sign!

Chelsea tractor, Icelandic style. This was one of the more restrained examples!

Gulfoss Falls was worth a 6am start from Reykjavik.

The sunrise on the journey there was pretty special too.


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13 Responses to VW’s gone to Iceland

  1. MSN Cars says:

    The rumour I heard about the location: VW\’s way of making sure none of the magazines could carry out a comparison test on the launch…The cost of shipping one car to Iceland must be astronomical. The amount required to set up a temporary Volkswagen dealership and equip it with a fleet of Phaetons and all those new Golfs just proves how important this car is to the company.

  2. MSN Cars says:

    Oh, and Dan, I forgot to say: beautiful photographs.

  3. Unknown says:

    Hello! Was there anything special about the navigation around with the car? I mean the sat-nav used by VW inside the car. Did VW share any info about the car with you while driving? Thanks in advance for any info!

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